We will be allowed to edit and change these rules at any time and we will follow them, so the only reliable version is the latest edit of these rules, which is on our main site.

All services are delivered automatically after the user orders and pay the bill, and only in some cases may it take up to 48 hours to confirm your order.

Some reasons for the delay in approving and activating the license:

  1. Registration of the license on our website by another user
  2. Registration of the IP ordered on the manufacturer’s website by another person
  3. Failure to provide a license to the IP ordered by the manufacturer

Restrict or Ban the account:

Permanent account blocking and all your active services are also canceled and the cost of services is non-refundable

  • Things that cause your account to close:
  • Any changes in our license software files (including file manipulation – debugging – saving logs)
  • Send service access to companies and other individuals
  • Use a fake ID for the account
  • Spam support

Manufacturer: The company that provides the services.

Terms and conditions of the money-back guarantee (refund):

* Only system licenses are eligible

  • In general, none of the products have a refund and refunds are not possible for downloaded or activated services
  • Any problems in the licensing system on your server that can not be solved by our experts
  • If a full period of your service has passed, only the cost of the current period is refundable
  • Terms for returning original licenses (such as Windows Server)
    Depending on the manufacturer the rules are variable.
    Depending on the type of license and the type of order, if the accepting company accepts, the fee is refundable
  • All credit deposits are non-refundable.


License systems are professionally designed and prepared, and almost everything is done to provide a better and more exclusive service. However, it may not be possible to provide the above system. Currently, we have several methods for each system, all of which are private and hidden and no one can detect them, so if one of the methods is closed, it will be possible to use another method and there is no need to worry.

Terms of service extension

Users are required to renew their service before the due date. All services are extended for 30 days

To pay, you can use the provided portals, or if you send money through banking methods, after paying, you must tick your receipt in the system.

In our system, if the purchased license is not renewed, it will be changed from “blocked” to “canceled” status, and you can renew the license without paying for up to 4 months after the date of blocking. Otherwise, the license will be changed to the deleted status and you will need to pay the setup fee to activate it.

Laws of Representatives

Our agents should be aware that they can not sell system and subscription licenses as legal licenses to the user and if the case is reported and observed, the agent will be dealt with.

License transfer conditions between agents/users
Due to the fact that it is not possible to register two licenses with one type and one IP simultaneously in our license system, the conditions for transferring licenses between users in our system are as follows:

This transfer can be done if the current user or agent who owns the license announces through a ticket to which other user/agent the license will be transferred.

Note 1: If the confirmation is not done, the new user must prove that the IP registered in the license as well as the server is owned by them. In this case, it is possible for us to restart the IP server and the user can get the license in the system. Re-register Due to the fact that this is a new order, the setup costs will be received by us again and it is not possible to not pay the setup fee in any way.

Note 2: If the license status in the previous agent system is blocked/terminated, the service will be restarted without the approval of the previous agent and a new order will be created in the new agent panel, but it will be the same as Note 1 and the setup fee will be received again.